At Clinique de réadaptation physique Roussillon, the orthotics-prosthesis service is provided by the L’Habel Orthèse laboratory. Édith Habel, owner of the laboratory, has a degree in orthopedic orthoses-prostheses since 2000. Since then, she is always on the lookout for what is new in manufacturing techniques as well as the materials available on the wide market of orthoses.

My goal is to offer a high quality product along with an exceptionally personalized service.

Biomechanical and postural assessment is essential in order to target the needs of each and to make the necessary compensations for a better postural balance. The orthosis fills a temporary or permanent deficit and helps realign the joints by adequately stimulating muscle mass.

List of custom-made products available:

  • Plantar orthoses
  • Knee orthosis
  • Wrist orthosis
  • Tibial ankle orthosis
  • Elbow / arm orthosis
  • Epicondylitis bracelet
  • Compression stockings

Also: T.E.N.S., …

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  • sporty and absorbent
  • delicate and versatile
  • proprioceptive (elements)
  • tough and resistant
  • color choice
  • varied thicknesses
  • hypoallergenic materials

Custom-made only, always comfortable, efficient and made specifically to meet your needs. With L’Habel Orthèses, you are ensured of a courteous, fast and personalized service.

SAAQ, CSST, RAMQ accredited laboratory and private insurance.

Evaluation by appointment: 514-794-1692

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