Time management: a useful tip to prevent overwork!

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etween work, household chores, shopping, our oldest’s homework, swimming lessons for the young one, it is sometimes difficult not to feel overworked or even overwhelmed by the events! Our productive society imposes us a busy lifestyle, which greatly contributes on raising our stress level.

      • Using an agenda or family planner can be very helpful. In addition to helping us remember everything, the agenda allows us to have a general view of our weekly activities. Is it wise to accept an invitation to dinner next Saturday when the week is already filled? Is it the right time to schedule an appointment with the beautician when my spouse is away for a few days and I am alone with the children? Too much is like not enough!


      • While planning your weeks, it is important to prioritize the tasks and activities that are most important (work, studies, medical appointments, laundry, …) and then see the time slots available for other non essential activities. Is it essential that for our son participates in 2 competitive sports? Do I really have to wash my floors every week, as my mother did? We sometimes have to reconsider our priorities and question ourselfs …


      • Taking time for yourself is an essential activity for maintaining good mental health! For some, this can take the form of a weekly sport activity, for others, an afternoon of relaxation. The important thing is that these activities be included in our agenda so as not to derogate!


      • It can be very helpful to spend a few minutes a week planning evening meals. Doing 1 or 2 meals in advance can also “save” some more difficult home returns …


      • Regular physical activity, such as walking, really helps to reduce anxiety. “Serious scientific studies” on the subject have proved it!

    Sometimes you also need to know how to ask for help … Could grandma pick up the children at school every Monday when I have to leave work later? Help for housework help every 2 weeks could be a well invested expense … The era of superwoman is over!

    Hoping that these tips will bring you some solutions!

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