In a desire to promote the well-being of its customers, both in terms of physical health and mental health, the clinics offer the opportunity to consult in psychology. This service is offered by Sophie Deslauriers, psychologist, who practices at the La Prairie branch. She is a member of the Ordre des Psychologues du Québec since 1993. She offers individual psychotherapy services to an adult clientele. In addition to being part of the team of our interdisciplinary rehabilitation program, Sophie is available to all clients who need her services (private clients, CNESST, IVAC or SAAQ).

In her professional career, Sophie accompanied several people who were experiencing personal difficulties such as anxiety, depression, burnout (out of work), difficulties of adaptation to work, difficulties related to family life, breakup in love , seeking self-confidence, making difficult decisions, difficulties in managing emotions, learning new behaviors in relationships with others. Over the years, she has also intervened within organizations, with individuals and work teams. She has seen all kinds of workplaces: factories, retail businesses, sales and service businesses, daycares, schools, hospitals, small family businesses, financial institutions and large private and governmental organizations (municipal, provincial and federal). The contact with people who face personal challenges and who wish to be supported, listened, counseled and accompanied  has always motivated her in her practice.

As a psychologist, Sophie believes that every person has the resources inside to find her well-being, even if, at the time of the consultation, it is not easy or clear. Sophie works in harmony with the strengths and limitations of everyone. She sometimes offers small exercises to do between meetings, if it can help and if it is motivating for the person. Sophie combines the use of several approaches (existential-humanistic, systemic-interactional, cognitive-behavioral) and several techniques (mindfulness, acceptance and commitment therapy, solution-oriented therapy, etc.). During her meetings with her clients, she explores with them what can help them.

For more information on the psychological services available at Clinique de réadaptation physique Roussillon, contact our La Prairie branch.

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