The Clinique de réadaptation physique Roussillon were created in 1996. The first clinic located in St-Constant opened its doors on September 15, 1996. Two years later, in 1998, followed the opening of a second clinic in La Prairie. In 2001, the business expended and offered a third point of service to the Roussillon population, this time in Sainte-Catherine.

In 2002, Ms. Sophie Thauvette, Katy Lepage and Mélanie Gauthier became co-owners of the Clinique de réadaptation physique Roussillon. In fact, the clinics were previously managed by another group who teamed up with Mrs. Thauvette, physiotherapist, in 1997 and Mrs. Gauthier, occupational therapist, in 2001. Ms. Lepage was a key employee for the company, involved at the administrative level. It is therefore in 2002, a pivotal year for the clinics, that the three current owners united to acquire the company and gave themselves the mandate to continue to serve the population of Roussillon in terms of rehabilitation services. Professionalism and a warm atmosphere will become their watchwords in the management of their business.

With this in mind, the clinics will continue to grow. In addition to the services already offered since the beginning, being physiotherapy, occupational therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture and osteopathy, over the years, a variety of specialized approaches will be added, such as: perineal rehabilitation, jaw treatment, driving assessment in occupational therapy, interdisciplinary program for individuals with persistent pain, active release techniques, vestibular rehabilitation, and more. All this to provide the most comprehensive rehabilitative care possible to the surrounding population. To this, new services will also be added: kinesiology, audiology, orthoses / prosthetics and psychology.

In 2007, Ms. Thauvette, Ms. Lepage and Ms. Gauthier, noted the potential for economic development offered by the completion of Highway 30 and decided to open a fourth clinic in Candiac, along the main arteries. This new location will become the headquarters of the company and will host the administrative offices. This became necessary because at the time, the company counted some 40 employees and self-employed workers. The clinics have seen a significant increase in their team members by the arrival of new professionals and the addition of support staff to meet the needs of customers, in terms of services offered and availability.


In 2012, the women leaders will be rewarded with the award of the Homage to Women’s Achievement Award presented by CLD Roussillon. They will also be finalists in the Prix Coup de cœur of the members at the Hall of Fame of the Royal Roussillon Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The year 2016 will also be a milestone for the company that won the Professional and Health and Wellness Award at the 6th Hall of Fame of the Royal Roussillon Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In addition, a new service center opens in Saint-Constant to better serve the residents of this municipality who witnessed the birth of the company 20 years ago.

Finally, in 2018, the company inaugurates a 6th clinic, this time in Châteauguay. Therefore, the leaders will please their customers, residing in this municipality, who were moving to St-Constant to receive their treatments. In addition, this point of service will allow new clients in this region to benefit from the expertise of the clinics near their homes. It should be added that this new project, taking place in the building where the Marché Laberge was formerly located in the Old Châteauguay sector, is particularly significant to Sophie Thauvette, physiotherapist and co-owner, who is a native and resident of Châteauguay.

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